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Special events

 (Contains 42 photos)
FRCS Homecoming 2018 portfolioHomecoming Court 2018
 (Contains 136 photos)
DaShayla Pre-Prom shots portfolioHere are the pictures from DeShayla's pre-Prom send-off.
 (Contains 151 photos)
Prom Night for Chasity portfolioHere are the Pre-Prom pictures of Chasity B.
 (Contains 82 photos)
FRCS Homecoming 2017 portfolio
 (Contains 145 photos)
Prom night!! portfolioKyliel, Jevon & Jonathan head to the prom!!
 (Contains 34 photos)
Bloomfield High Prom portfolioPhotos before Bloomfield High school's Prom
 (Contains 107 photos)
Phyllis' 50th Birthday Celebration portfolio50 and Fabulous!!
 (Contains 23 photos)
Barack Obama speech - Labor Day 2011 portfolioA great Labor Day for Detroit! President Obama gave a speech preceded by short speeches by other politicians and a few songs by the Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin!