These are pictures from recent weddings that I have photographed.
 (Contains 342 photos)
Kinchen Wedding July 2, 2016 portfolioRob and Diveeta's Rhythm of Love Wedding
 (Contains 35 photos)
Mario & Kelah's Wedding  10/13/2011 portfolio
 (Contains 46 photos)
Qureshi Wedding Reception  7/17/2009 portfolioBalal & Maria
 (Contains 57 photos)
Nardoni Wedding portfolio
Family Photos
 (Contains 17 photos)
Crocketts 2016 portfolio
 (Contains 73 photos)
Chen Family Photos portfolioChen Family Photos
 (Contains 61 photos)
Solipuram Family Photos portfolioSolipuram Family Photos
 (Contains 27 photos)
Scales Family portfolioThe Scales Family
 (Contains 21 photos)
Flemings Family Photos portfolio
 (Contains 20 photos)
Hamilton Family Portraits portfolio
 (Contains 37 photos)
Family Portraits portfolioThese are examples of the family photos that I've taken.
Photo shoots
These are examples of individual or couple photo shoots
 (Contains 74 photos)
Alec Panagos Senior pictures portfolioAlec's Senior Pics
 (Contains 61 photos)
Armani's Senior pictures portfolioArmani's senior pictures
 (Contains 157 photos)
Kelsey's Senior pictures portfolio
 (Contains 108 photos)
C-Cook's Images portfolioCassius Cook's Senior photos.
 (Contains 184 photos)
Riki Miki Senior pictures portfolioRiki's Senior pictures
 (Contains 27 photos)
Uriah YB photos portfolio
 (Contains 53 photos)
Drew Lindman's Senior photos portfolioDrew's Senior Photos
 (Contains 30 photos)
Briana's Senior pictures portfolio
 (Contains 35 photos)
Chelsea's photo shoot portfolio
 (Contains 12 photos)
Jomar & Z's photo shoot portfolio
 (Contains 18 photos)
Angelo & Danielle portfolioAngelo & Danielle's engagement portraits
 (Contains 6 photos)
FC photo shoot portfolio
 (Contains 24 photos)
Evan's Senior Pictures portfolioSenior pictures
 (Contains 48 photos)
Artistry of Hair portfolioSee some of Kevin Carter and Maya Mitchell's work and pictures from Hair Wars 2009.
Special events
These galleries include the different types of events other than weddings that I've recently shot.
 (Contains 180 photos)
Chandan's 40th birthday portfolio
 (Contains 117 photos)
Alexis' Prom send-off portfolio
 (Contains 136 photos)
DaShayla Pre-Prom shots portfolioHere are the pictures from DeShayla's pre-Prom send-off.
 (Contains 151 photos)
Prom Night for Chasity portfolioHere are the Pre-Prom pictures of Chasity B.
 (Contains 82 photos)
FRCS Homecoming 2017 portfolio
 (Contains 145 photos)
Prom night!! portfolioKyliel, Jevon & Jonathan head to the prom!!
 (Contains 34 photos)
Bloomfield High Prom portfolioPhotos before Bloomfield High school's Prom
 (Contains 107 photos)
Phyllis' 50th Birthday Celebration portfolio50 and Fabulous!!
 (Contains 23 photos)
Barack Obama speech - Labor Day 2011 portfolioA great Labor Day for Detroit! President Obama gave a speech preceded by short speeches by other politicians and a few songs by the Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin!
 (Contains 55 photos)
MilesL Graduation portfolioMiles' graduation day pictures
These are shots from the sporting events that I shoot.
 (Contains 181 photos)
FRCS Varsity Soccer 2017 portfolio2017 Varsity soccer season
 (Contains 175 photos)
Expo Baseball portfolioExpo baseball team Action shots.
 (Contains 58 photos)
Franklin Road vs Our Lady of the Lake portfolio
 (Contains 281 photos)
Team Attack portfolioTeam Attack action shots
 (Contains 241 photos)
FRCS Varsity Basketball 2016-2017 portfolio
 (Contains 221 photos)
FRCS Girls Varsity Basketball 2016-2017 portfolio2016-2017 season
 (Contains 155 photos)
Franklin Road Cheerleaders portfolio20162017 Season
 (Contains 117 photos)
Allie & Hayden B. Sports shots / 2016-2017 season. portfolioAction shots from Soccer and Volleyball
 (Contains 161 photos)
Waza 03 Black portfolio
 (Contains 0 photos)
 (Contains 124 photos)
FRCS Girls Softball 2017 portfolioFranklin Road Christian School's Girls Varsity Softball
 (Contains 352 photos)
FRCS Varsity Volleyball 2017 portfolio
Artwork and Portraits
This gallery contains original work that can be enlarged and framed for display. It also contains certain portraits.
 (Contains 44 photos)
Art Work/ Portraits/Candids portfolioThese stills or portraits would look great in a nice frame in your home!